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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Mark Waldrep


(Los Angeles) February 27, 2014 – Mark Waldrep, Ph.D., the founder of AIX Records announces the first "Is It Live Or Is It HD-Audio?" shoot out between "new folk" musician John Gorka and the world's finest surround music playback system. The event will be held on the opening day, Friday April 25, of the AXPONA 2014 audio show in Chicago from 2:30 - 4:00 pm in the Madison Ballroom of the Westin O'Hare Hotel. Check out John's DVD promo video at: AIX Records John Gorka Trailer

"We've put together one of the most expensive and best sounding high-end audio systems ever demonstrated at an audio trade event with our special partners German Physiks, Vitus Audio, Dolby Laboratories, Bryston, Oppo Digital, JVC Professional Products and DH Labs," said Dr. Waldrep.  "Attendees will be able to enjoy songs from my favorite singer songwriter, John Gorka, performed acoustically in the Madison Ballroom and then experience our AIX Records Real HD-Audio recording of John and his band through German Physik's flagship Emperor speakers powered by Danish high-end maker Vitus Audio in an unprecedented fully immersive 5.1 surround configuration."

In addition to the state-of-the-art, unprocessed HD-Audio, the presentation will also feature Ultra HD-Video of John from his AIX Records 2007 Blu-ray release entitled "The Gypsy Life". A JVC Professional DLA-RS6710 D-ILA projector will display the video on a screen provided by Stewart FilmScreen Corporation. Joining John for this private performance is one of Boston's top singer songwriters Antje Duvekot.

Finally, the audio press and a select group of AXPONA attendees will be able to judge for themselves whether a recording can deliver lifelike music playback. Award-winning AIX has been called, "the Bentley of audio labels" and Andrew Quint of The Absolute Sound wrote about the AIX sound as, "…quite simply the most realistic and involving instance of recorded sound I can recall, from any source format."

Company representatives Mark Waldrep, Ph.D. from AIX Records, designer Holger Mueller of German Physiks, Vitus Audio CEO/chief designer Hans Ole Vitus, Greg Hovsepian of DH Labs and Gary Klasmeier from JVC will be on hand to answer questions and provide additional information on their products.
Light refreshments and drinks will be provided. AIX Records high-resolution audio titles will be on sale during the entire AXPONA 2014 show at special show pricing.


Award winning, Los Angeles-based AIX Records specializes in producing new recordings in real HD-Audio. They release stereo and 5.1 surround music in a wide variety of genres including classical, jazz, country, instrumental and blues. Using a unique hybrid recording approach, which combines a large acoustically rich chamber music auditorium, purist production techniques, avoidance of any signal processing and multiple stereo pairs of microphones, AIX produces incredibly natural sounding music recordings.

iTrax, the world's first high-resolution audio digital music download site, makes a large catalog of REAL high-res music available in a variety of formats, mixes and encodes.

RealHD-Audio.com is an informational website that focuses on the emerging world of high-resolution audio, the hardware and software behind it, the formats and digital music download sites that supply it. High-resolution audio advocate and guru Dr. Mark Waldrep [Dr. AIX] posts a daily post at the site.

For further information, please visit our websites www.aixrecords.com, www.itrax.com, www.realhd-audio.com or email: mwaldrep@aixmediagroup.com or call 310-479-0501 | (800)-668-4249.

ABOUT GERMAN PHYSIKS - Contact Robert Kelly (r.kelly@german-physiks.com)
German Physiks was established in Germany in 1993 and manufacture a range of high quality loudspeakers, all using their proprietary DDD driver. This is an ultra wide bandwidth, omnidirectional driver. The typical operating range is about 200Hz to 24kHz. This eliminates the need for a crossover point in the mid-range, where our hearing is most acute and enables German Physiks loudspeakers to produce exceptionally realistic stereo images. The DDD driver’s omnidirectional radiation pattern allows the listener to enjoy the excellent stereo imaging from a wide range of positions in the room, rather than be tied to a small sweet spot, as is the case with most conventional loudspeaker designs. In addition, the DDD driver has a very low moving mass, which gives all German Physiks loudspeakers a very good impulse response. This all adds up to a sound that is more like music than hi-fi.

ABOUT VITUS AUDIO - Contact Hans Ole Vitus (vitus@vitusaudio.com)
Vitus Audio was formed in Denmark in 1995 by talented electronic engineer Hans Ole Vitus. He has been ruthless in his pursuit of the best possible sound. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the fidelity of the original recording: it's all about music. Such is his devotion that he spent more than 8 years developing the first Vitus amplifiers before they were released in 2003. Vitus Audio now manufactures a wide rang of high-end amplifiers and digital components, all designed and built with the same meticulous attention to detail as their debut product. They have received numerous awards and are highly respected, not only for their superb sound, but also for the excellence of their electronic design and build quality.

Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) creates audio, video, and voice technologies that transform entertainment and communications in mobile devices, at the cinema, at home, and at work. For nearly 50 years, sight and sound experiences have become more vibrant, clear, and meaningful in Dolby. For more information, please visit www.dolby.com

Bryston (www.bryston.com) first opened for business in 1962 as a manufacturer of medical equipment. The company was purchased in 1968 by John W. Russell, an ex-NASA engineer. Together with sons Chris, Brian and John D., they first started exploring the field of accurate, reliable audio amplification in the early 1970s. Since that time Bryston has become legendary for their hand-built quality, superb performance and dependability under load in the home, professional and commercial markets. Bryston amplifiers are used in some of the world’s most renowned recording studios and owned by many discerning music professionals. Bryston applies precision manufacturing techniques and materials in the assembly of their electronic equipment that are more typically utilized by the military and aerospace industries. Bryston is based in Peterborough, Ontario Canada, northeast of Toronto, and is sold through over 150 dealers in North America and 60 countries worldwide.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, OPPO Digital designs and markets high quality digital electronics that deliver style, performance, innovation, and value to A/V enthusiasts and savvy consumers alike. The company's attention to core product performance and strong customer focus distinguishes it from traditional consumer-electronics brands. With products that speak for themselves and relying on word-of-mouth, OPPO Digital does not have any dedicated Marketing and Sales personnel. We have spent most of all energy on product design and customer service. We pride ourselves on servicing all our customers right here in Mountain View, California. For further product information, please visit www.oppodigital.com, email service@oppodigital.com or call (650) 961-1118.

Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, JVC Professional Products Company is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation. JVC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of broadcast and professional video and audio equipment, D-ILA front projection systems, and Super LoLux HD video security products. For further product information, visit JVC’s Web site at http://pro.jvc.com or call (800) 582-5825.

DH Labs was founded in 1992, and our mission remains to produce high performance audio and video cables that deliver a superior level of audio and video signal transmission. We continue to produce harmonically balanced cables that have greater dynamic range, superior soundstage, and continually outperform cables costing several times more. Made in USA. For additional information, please visit www.silversonic.com  or call (386)418-0560.