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Green Initiatives

In recognition of our corporate and individual responsibilities to
the planet, JD Events has adopted long-term, eco-friendly practices into the events we produce and our daily business operations. These initiatives are intended to make a positive impact on the environment and to increase awareness of how easy it is to make a meaningful contribution towards a healthier, more sustainable world.

In Our Office:

JD Events has implemented company-wide practices to lessen the impact of our everyday office operations. Some of those practices include:

  • Using recycled paper in our office and printing internal documents on scrap paper
  • Lights and monitors are shut off when not in use
  • JDE has purchased silverware and reusable dishes for lunches in the office - no plastic flatware, cups or disposable plates
  • We have instituted a recycling program for plastics, glass, paper, magazines, etc.
  • All employees are strongly encouraged to integrate very small but significant tactics into their work day like using a darker search engine (The Green Spider, Blackle, etc.), making double-sided copies, emailing documents as opposed to faxing, not using a cover sheet if faxing is necessary, reducing margins on printed documents, using reusable water bottles and much more.

In Our Marketing:

JD Events has taken nearly all of its exhibitor communications online and has replaced a significant portion of direct mail with electronic marketing as well.  This is not only more current and convenient for our customers, it also saves thousands of trees!

When we do produce printed material, we use partially recycled paper and have reduced the size and page counts of our pieces to lessen the amount of paper we need.

JD Events also prints self-mailers whenever possible to lessen the paper required and we work diligently to clean up mailing lists and run suppression files for all mailings to avoid printing and sending unwanted or undeliverable mail.

At Our Events:

When JD Events produces a show, there are many ways in which we consciously reduce, reuse and recycle!  Some of those ways are:

  • Holding events in major cities, accessible by direct flights and with public transportation
  • Minimizing lights and not using air conditioning for set-up days
  • Communicating electronically with our exhibitors and attendees, including confirmation emails and event evaluation surveys
  • Providing access to conference presentations online as opposed to printed proceedings
  • Utilizing renewable and recyclable badge stock and providing only electronic "will call" for registration - badges are not mailed or printed in advance of the attendee's arrival
  • Storing and reusing show signage from year to year
  • Utilizing local audio-visual labor in order to avoid additional travel
  • Renting plasma screens for some presentations that use less electricity than standard projectors
  • Offering shuttle bus service as an option for our attendees and exhibitors, in lieu of individual transportation between the show hotel and convention center.

From Our Partners:

JD Events works with companies like Freeman and Convention Data Services to produce its events and these companies have eco-minded initiatives themselves that they are passing along to our events. Click the links below to see what our partners are doing to help us lessen our footprint.

Convention Data Services

At Our Venues:

Many of the facilities at which we hold our events have put forth efforts on behalf of the environment as well.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Navy Pier

JD Events is committed to its responsibility to the environment and will continue to implement programs and practices that will ensure our impact is positive.  If you have any questions about our green initiatives, please email us at info@jdevents.com or call us at 203-371-6322.


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